The Wonderful Ways Slippery Elm Enhances Canine Health

The Wonderful Ways Slippery Elm Enhances Canine Health

Published by Wonder Laboratories on Apr 29th 2024

Among the variety of plant-based supplements available is one known as slippery elm. Humans can certainly ingest it, but it also has worthwhile and special applications for canines, as well. Here is a look at slippery elm and the wholesome benefits it can provide for your dog(s).

What Is Slippery Elm?

The slippery elm tree (Ulmus rubra) is native to North America. Its bark has been harvested and used to treat ailments in humans including sore throat and constipation for many years. l Substances in the inner bark of slippery elm have qualities that mimic and contribute to the production of mucous in the body. This safe and non-toxic herb also provides multiple benefits to dogs, and it is regarded as a valuable supplement for canine health.

Slippery elm is sometimes found in capsule form, but the powdered form of slippery elm is the easiest form for dogs to ingest. The properties of slippery elm predominantly benefit dogs by bolstering healthy digestion. There are other benefits as well. Slippery elm powder that is fresh and unexpired has a mildly sweet taste, and is best ingested at meal time, or just before or after your dog eats a meal.

How Slippery Elm Benefits Your Dog

A single serving of slippery elm bark powder, given occasionally or regularly, can be very beneficial for your dog. Here is a look at how slippery elm can benefit your dog’s digestion, and more:

Soothing digestive upset: The fresh powdered bark of slippery elm, once ingested by your dog, creates a mucilage content that will coat and lubricate your dog’s stomach lining. That results in smoother digestion.This benefit is ideal for dogs experiencing most forms of digestive upset, including colitis, inflammatory bowel disorders, and canine ulcers. Furthermore, the fiber content in slippery elm could relieve both diarrhea and constipation in dogs. By supporting mucous coating in the stomach and reducing inflammation, slippery elm bark powder often proves to be of excellent benefits to dogs with digestive troubles.

Supporting your dog’s immune system is accomplished with the aid of slippery elm bark powder. Once again, this benefit results from the viscous mucous layer that slippery elm helps create in the stomach. Harmful bacteria most often enter the body by way of the gut. The bolstered mucous production with slippery elm helps to trap unwanted, unhealthy bacteria, thereby making it easier to get rid of.

Inflammation and inflammatory disorders in dogs could be mitigated by the consumption of slippery elm. By reducing inflammation, slippery elm can reduce symptoms of a variety of ailments including those of the joints (arthritis), lungs (asthma and bronchitis), throat, and kidneys.

Bladder health in dogs is supported by slippery elm. Like the lining of the stomach, the lining of the bladder can be soothed with slippery elm. It could also help reduce bladder infections and improve urinary pH levels.

Nutrient absorption is enhanced with slippery elm. The positive effects of slippery elm on the gut microbiome can enhance the absorption of calcium and other nutrients.

Slippery elm bark powder could richly enhance your dog’s health, especially their digestive health if they need it. It is recommended that you speak with your dog’s veterinarian before choosing to give your dog slippery elm.

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