Six Supplements Which Bolster Metabolism

Six Supplements Which Bolster Metabolism

Published by Wonder Laboratories on Apr 29th 2024

Actions which contribute to increased metabolism often coincide with weight loss. Here, we look at the relationship between metabolism and weight loss, and discuss six supplements with qualities that could bolster metabolism to help get rid of that unwanted surplus weight.

How Does Metabolism Affect Weight Loss?

First, we must understand just what metabolism is. It refers to the processes conducted by the body in order to create energy and sustain life. Technically, metabolism is deemed basal metabolic rate (BMR).

The body burns calories at rest because of all the autonomic activities which contribute to BMR. These activities include respiration, circulation, nerve activity, hormone secretions, and many more. Metabolism naturally increases during digestion, and physical activity.

The mechanisms which increase metabolism are often the same ones which burn fat calories and therefore contribute to weight loss. These mechanisms include both lifestyle choices (e.g., physical exercise) and nutritional ones such as consistent consumption of vegetables and low-fat foods. Regularly getting sufficient sleep even supports metabolism. By making choices that contribute to a robust metabolism, you can effectively cause your body to lose weight naturally.

Herbs and Nutrients to Bolster Metabolism

Certain vitamins, minerals, and herbs have properties which support the body’s metabolic processes. Here is a look at six very suitable supplements which support metabolism and thereby bolster the body’s propensity for weight loss.

Magnesium is one of the minerals which most contributes to the body’s metabolic processes. Among other mechanisms of metabolism, magnesium is essential for the formation of nucleic acids and proteins, which are crucial compounds used in cellular energy metabolism. More than 300 enzymes depend on magnesium to function. Magnesium is also crucial for cell replication. Deficiency in magnesium can affect metabolism, as well as affect the metabolic processes in which vitamin D is involved.

Vitamin D, vital for the human body, can affect metabolism in a few ways. First, vitamin D helps manage blood sugar and insulin resistance. Furthermore, studies have shown that overweight individuals tend to have lower amounts of vitamin D in their body. For these reasons, supplementing with vitamin D has potential to support healthy metabolism.

Calcium is another mineral which is vital for many metabolic processes. Like magnesium, calcium interacts with vitamin D. Studies show that when these two are taken together, diet-related weight loss tends to kick into gear.

Cayenne is a spice that contains a natural active ingredient known as capsaicin. This chemical has properties that give cayenne the ability to bolster weight loss. Research has linked cayenne specifically to reduced fat accumulation, as well as increased feelings of satiety after eating. Cayenne concentrated in supplement form is an easy way to consume it. Furthermore, cayenne is so spicy that it actually supports metabolism by raising your body temperature!

Green bean coffee extract has been shown to effectively bolster fat metabolism in people who are overweight. This is a result of its ability to regulate lipid metabolism and body fat.

Gymnema sylvestre is an herb which affects the body’s metabolic processes in such a way that it inhibits the absorption of glucose. Natural substances in gymnema also help reduce the absorption of fats and triglycerides throughout the body. These effects of gymnema sylvestre correlate with reduced weight and reduced obesity.

If you’re in need of natural means to support your body’s metabolism and shed weight, then consider all of the above nutrients and herbs. They could be of great help if taken properly. Talk to your healthcare provider before trying any supplement for the first time, especially for sustained use.

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